Environmental & Safety Management

´╗┐Welcome to NE-SAFE Limited

We are a freelance environmental and safety management business based in the UK. We have worked mainly in the energy sector but in our experience the challenges facing the environment, health protection and safety of employees are common across much of industry.

Our objective is simple. We want to help clients deliver outstanding business results without harming people or the environment. Like much in life, world-class performance in environmental and safety management is about doing simple things well, but in addition it's about creating the right tools to focus effort where it does most good.

Systems and processes must be as simple as the level of potential harm allows. By structuring in this way the real issues are addressed without unnecessary clutter, allowing management, employees and contractors to focus on transforming the way they work to deliver results.

So please feel free to contact us using the buttons below and we can start a conversation about your needs which we hope will lead to a productive partnership.

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