Environmental & Safety Management

Environmental Management

We are very experienced in of environmental management.

Past projects included developing and implementing ISO 14001 management systems, managing environmental impact assessment, managing environmental permits and compliance including:

  • Responsibility for delivering EPR improvement conditions;
  • LCP air emissions monitoring and reporting;
  • Developing and implementing odour management plans;
  • Overseeing noise monitoring and reporting;
  • Management of groundwater monitoring and reporting;
  • Managing control of mining waste from borehole operations;
  • Control and management of waste within onshore drilling sites;
  • Developing and managing surface water management plans; and
  • Developing leak detection and repair plans.

In addition to permit compliance and management we have assisted in the town and country planning process, preparing environmental plans and risk assessments, emergency planning and working with front end engineering teams to develop site flood protection measures.

At the core of developing adequate management systems, effective emergency plans and robust controls is the risk assessment process. At NE-SAFE Limited we have a great deal of experience in assessing and controlling risk using a variety of techniques.

We are familiar with operations in high-hazard and therefore highly regulated sectors such as natural gas exploration and production, and in dealing with public perceptions and expectations. We believe in transparency and forthrightness in dealing with stakeholders and a consultational approach within the management systems and processes. We also encourage effective audit processes and have a great deal of audit experience.

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