Environmental & Safety Management

Health Protection

This subject is one that many clients find difficult to address.

We recommend processes that span the whole employment of a person but central within those processes is the assessment of risk under the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations.

We start by identifying the substances used or encountered by workers and the way they are exposed. We then identify the exposure controls and protective measures we need to apply by using a hierarchy of controls, then communicate this information to those who need to know (all this information would be recorded in a COSHH risk assessment). Finally we identify what monitoring needs to take place to ensure our controls are working (this will usually involve an Occuptational Health Practitioner) and how we manage the records generated by this process.

As with most elements of safety management, consultation with employees is an important element in delivering an appropriate and workable solution. We recommend that employees or their representatives are involved wherever possible.

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