Environmental & Safety Management

Safety Management

We can advise or manage across a wide range of occupational safety subjects. We have a great deal of experience in:

  • Developing, implementing, and maintaining safety management systems (OHSAS, ISO or bespoke standards);
  • Hazard identification and risk assessment;
  • Compliance management;
  • Site safety management;
  • Audits (topic, compliance or internal monitoring for continual improvement);
  • Behavioural safety and safety culture development;
  • Accident and incident investigation; 
  • Emergency planning;
  • Development of safety reports and safety documents (e.g. Borehole Sites and Operations Regulations 1995) for sites or operations; and
  • Fire safety.

As is the case in environmental management, we know from experience that a consultative and collaborative approach to safety is by far the most effective way to protect people, equipment and reputation.

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