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Mark's resumé can be downloaded here.


We can advise or manage across a wide range of occupational health and safety subjects. We have a great deal of experience in:

Developing, implementing, and maintaining safety management systems (to BS OHSAS 18001:2007 and bespoke standards);

Hazard identification and risk assessment;

Compliance management (detailed knowledge of compliance requirements for onshore oil and gas exploration and production);

Site safety management;

Audits (including BS OHSAS 18001);

Behavioural safety and safety culture development;

Accident and incident investigation;

Emergency planning;

Development of safety reports and safety cases for sites / operations and land rigs; and

Occupational health protection.


In addition to developing, implementing, and maintaining environmental management systems to ISO 14001:2015, we can assist with:

EMS Audits;

Environmental and Waste Management Plans;

Environmental risk assessments;

Sustainability studies; and

Environmental Permit applications.


We can provide:

All types of management system documents (policies, procedures, processes, manuals and guides);

Technical drawings;

Simple websites;

Diagrams; and

Bespoke documents to meet your needs.


Developing, implementing, and maintaining quality management systems to ISO 9001:2015.

Note: In addition to the above services we have an extensive network of partners for services we cannot provide personally. Please contact us if you need  any of the following services:

Lands negotiation and acquisition;

Planning applications;

Drilling or workover planning and engineering;

Supervisory services; and

Independent well examination.